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We have always been inspired by mums and dads to create smart, easy and safe products to simplify the everyday life of new parents.

Since 1994 we are active in the field of tech innovation and design of Consumer Electronics and Healthcare products.

Our twenty years of experience is the pillar of the continuous research and development of one of the widest and most complete range of products in the baby industry.

Our Italian roots drive us to naturally pursue a passion and a taste for aesthetics that is recognized as a distinctive element of refinement of our designs.

Nuvita is today one of the most loved brands by parents: parents that are willing to find SMART, EASY to use and SAFE products.

Nuvita creates comfortable products to be used in every moment. Each of our product is inspired by and dedicated to babies from newborns to three-year-olds around the world.

Nuvita SMART, EASY and SAFE.