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Breastpump Warranty FAQ

Breastpump Warranty
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Q: How long is my warranty?
A: The warranty for our breast pumps varies depending on the option chosen upon purchase or the period advertised on the product listing when purchased. Please refer to the warranty description of the respective product listings for accurate information

Q: How do I register/activate my warranty?
A: Please fill up the online registration form at this link here and please keep your purchase receipt for the pump. You will be required to produce the purchase receipt and online warranty registration when requesting for servicing or repair. For the online warranty registration, you will have to submit the form within 3 months of receiving the product.
The warranty is non-transferable and is applicable only to the registered user.

Q: What does my warranty cover?
A: Our warranty covers the pump unit and does not cover normal wear and tear

Q: What doesn't my warranty cover?
A: The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care or use, which include
           - any water or breastmilk getting into the motor
           - any cracks or scratches found on any parts of the breastpump

Q: Do you provide breast pump rentals when my pump is being serviced?
A: Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be able to provide loan pump while your breastpump is being serviced. 

Q: What do I do if my warranty is over?
A: We do provide repairs for breastpumps whose warranty has expired at a service fee, excluding the cost of any spart parts required. *Applicable to breastpumps bought from First Few Years only. There is a 3 months warranty for the serviced pump for the same fault.

For any other enquiries, feel free to email us at